ASFG can be as involved as needed in any business.  Whether you need assistance with timely invoices, payments to vendors, payroll, or collection of receivables, ASFG can help.  On a monthly basis, bank reconciliations can also be performed.

On a monthly basis, a more in-depth analysis of the balance sheet accounts can be provided. Certain procedures can be applied for high risk accounts such as cash, accounts receivable, accounts payable and accruals.  Fixed assets can also be analyzed as well as repairs that could require capitalization.  Income and expenses can also be analyzed and larger variances explained. Ledgers can be analyzed to make sure everything is being booked accurately and completely.

On a as needed basis, ASFG can provide professional accounting and bookkeeping advice and opinions in order to facilitate and maximize client business decision making. This could include review of miscellaneous tax returns related to payroll and gross receipts.